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Vignamaggio is one of Tuscany’s oldest farming estates: a working farm since 1404, Vignamaggio has been cultivating grapes and making wine for over 600 years and it is today one of the leading wineries in the Greve in Chianti subzone.

Located in Greve, halfway between Florence and Siena, the estate extends for over 250 hectares (approx 62 planted to vines) in the heart of the Chianti Classico region. The entire farm is certified organic. Agronomist Francesco Naldi supervises the vineyards, while female-enologist Barbara Tamburini oversees the winemaking.

At the core of the estate is the Renaissance Villa surrounded by Italian-style gardens, rows of cypresses, vines and olive groves (30ha). The Villa at Vignamaggio was was built by the Gherardini family in the 14th Century. If this family name sounds familiar, it is probably because of the famous Monna Lisa Gherardini, the “Gioconda” painted by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 and 1506. Legend has it that Lisa Gherardini spent her childhood and teenage years at Vignamaggio, the home of her cousins, the Gherardis, who owned the villa from 1421.

Throughout the centuries, the estates had several owners. In 1988, Avvocato Gianni Nunziante purchased Vignamaggio and initiated an extensive renovation of the buildings, gardens and vineyards. The historic wine cellars, located below the villa, were equipped with state-of-the-art temperature-controlled stainless steel vats. Nunziante also invested in replanting a lot of the vineyards, which lead to the discovery of a few old vines of Cabernet Franc (40 years old) among the many rows of Sangiovese. These precious vines were preserved and are now used for making a varietal Cabernet Franc that is one of the winery’s flagship wines. In 2010, a new winemaking cellar was built directly opposite the villa and capacity expanded. Through the acquisition of small parcels, Nunziante also expanded into the Gaiole area of Chianti Classico where Sangiovese and Syrah are grown. Since 2014, the new owner is French architect Patrice Taravella.

Vignamaggio is 100% certified organic.

 Learn more at www.vignamaggio.com