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Tenuta Il Falchetto

In recent years Tenuta il Falchetto has made a name for itself as a solid, reliable operation, not only for moscato (which accounts fro 50% of the production) but also for barbera and a spledid battery of other wines.

The Fornos have a long history in Santo Stefano Belbo, documented as early as the mid-1600’s. Still today, maps of the area show the Forno farmstead, also known as Il Falchetto Estate. They are a family of winegrowers and winemakers, devoted to the vine and to wine for four generations. Pietro Forno began producing Moscato in 1940. At the end of the 70s Pietro passes the reins to the children Natalino and Luigi, who renewed the cellar and introduce advanced equipment for the processing of grapes and fermentation, improving and honing techniques, always in the maximum respect for tradition and the land.

Today the Tenuta Il Falchetto Estate, proudly managed by brothers Giorgio, Fabrizio and Adriano Forno, includes no fewer that nine estates (a total of 40 hectares and 420,000 bottles produced yearly),  situated in the Langhe region and on the Monferrato hills. The original core of the estate, the Tenuta del Fant, planted to Moscato is situated in the hills of Santo Stefano Belbo.

Each cycle of the vineyards cultivation is carefully followed from the winter pruning to the summer thinning of the grapes, handmade method made to obtain the control of the quantity and the quality of the grape produced from each single vine. In this way the grapes left reach an uniform ripeness and prove to be far richer in aroma and colour. The grape picking is done manually in all the vineyards. The philosophy of Il Falchetto estate is that to produce only top quality wines and grant their clients to find in every bottle the highest expression of that wine produced from that single vineyard.

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Tenuta il Falchetto wines are currently available through Montcalm for the New York and New Jersey markets only.