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Part of the Le Tenute di Genagricola portfolio of wineries, Solonio produces several exceptional native vines and other international varieties that offer uniqueness with a viticulture and enology style that they believe can help to carve a place for Lazio among the top wine producing regions in Italy. The estate boasts 100 vine-filled hectares, located on the Colli Lanuvio hills. The renewed vineyards of Solonio are planted with red grapes rather than white, which are typical from Lazio. This choice has resulted in the creation of a line of red wines with distinctive character. The dry breezy climate of the lower Lazio area, combined with the thermal moderation created by the nearby Tyrrhenian sea, allows for optimal maturation of these red grapes with noteworthy color compliments and a great wealth of tannins, that are soft and silky.

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