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San Martino

San Martino winery is a relatively young project, but it yields from years of experience and family passion.
In the 1980s Fabrizio and Cecilia Piccin were running a small winery in Tuscany. Their children were born there and grew up in the vineyards. When life in Tuscany became unbearable due to disagreements with their partners, they sold the property and decided to move to the Vulture area in search of ancient vineyards, pristine terroir and a more simple way of life. The noble Aglianico grape represented a fresh challenge and bore great potential.
In 2008, their son Lorenzo, just in his early 20’s and freshly graduated from enology school, was able to acquire 7 hectares of vineyards from his parents and started his own project, which he called San Martino based on the ‘contrada’, that is the area where the vineyards are located at an altitude of approx 450/500 meters. The soil is volcanic, with clay and skeleton-rich. Vineyards are on average10 to 30 years old but a small, older parcel used for the top selection ‘Kamai’ is up to 50-60 years old. Planting density is generally high (6000/8000 plants per hectar) which has historical roots in the Vulture area. Vines are grown organically and the winemaking is also based on letting the fruit speak for itself. Natural yeasts are used and the wines are not clarified. Siir, big borther Arberesko and top selection Kamai are absolute beauties!

100% Certified Organic.