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Monvin Keg Wines

MonVin is the indiscussed leader in the production of quality wine on tap. A huge experience in the wine on tap world, allow MonVin to constantly improve the quality of products and to select from a wide range of wines. MonVin has implemented a severe traceability project that allows to retrace all the productive fases of our wine: from your glass right back to the vinification process. The technical staff, composed by seven enologists, constantly follows every production and KEG filling process. During the last 10 years MonVin has invested 10 million Euro in technological innovations, the company speaks highly of their patented products in the enological sector. Learn more at www.monvin.it

20lt Disposable Kegs.


Kegs can be fully recycled once empty: no deposits and no returns are necessary.

100% Recyclable.

Kegs hold the equivalent to 26 bottles or 135 5oz glasses.

Available in 6 varietals:┬áBianco Frizzante (Glera-blend), Rose’ Frizzante, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sangiovese, Merlot-Cab blend

Keg Types are selected to guarantee quality and longevity: Polykegs are used for sparkling wines, Slim KeyKegs are used for all the still wines.