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Le Caniette

Le Caniette is a historic winery of the Marche region in Central Italy. Founded in 1897 by Raffaele Vagnoni it was originally concentrated upon animal husbandry, raising stud bulls of the Rzza Marchigiana. His son Giovanni planted their first veneyards in the 40s, and later his grandson Raffaele decided to shift the farm’s emphasis to wine making, replanting most of their 11 hectares of land to vineyards in the 60s. They began bottling Rosso Piceno in 1990, and since then, with the entry of the current generation — Giovanni and Luigino Vagnoni — have increased the hectares under vine to 16, all organic certified. They concentrate primarily on indigenous varietals, Montepulciano and Sangiovese for their reds, and Passerina and Pecorino for their whites. The red wines take their names from the colors characterized by Michaelangelo in his paintings. The white wines take their names from the owner’s daughets, Lucrezia, Gaia, and Veronica.

100% Certified Organic.

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