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South Africa


La Bri

Boasting a state-of-the-art 120 ton wine cellar and tasting room, La Bri is a vibrant boutique winery in the Franschhoek region of South Africa. La Bri believes in applying both traditional & modern methods, and is dedicated to producing limited volumes of superior quality wine that embody all that is unique to South Africa.

One cannot mention La Bri, without referring to the past, as the property is an essential piece of the South African wine history and culture. According to the Franschhoek Museum, the original grant of La Bri is the oldest Huguenot-allocated farm in the Franschhoek Valley. It was the first of nine farms granted to members of the main group of Huguenots who sought sanctuary in the Cape in 1688.

The name ‘La Bri’ is probably derived from the French for ‘the refuge’, a perfect name for this property, as it is safely nestled in the imposing amphitheatre of the Franschhoek valley.

Today, the estate is owned by passionate Robin Hamilton who spurred change and development. From 2000 onwards vineyards were gradually replanted, a new cellar was built, and the labels were redesigned. The eye catching labels feature indigenous Cape flowers and herbs, playing on the symbiotic relationship between wine and fynbos, so apparent in the Cape. Each La Bri wine has its own Cape flower on the label.

The farm comprises of 15.5-hectares of vineyards mostly planted with Shiraz, Chardonnay, Merlot and other international varieties. Soils are diverse, some sandy, with a firm clay base while others are alluvial, deep and rich. The Mediterranean climate and the northerly aspect of the vineyards ensures enough sun contact during spring to generate new growth of the vines, and during summer the South Easter wind tempers the heat, keeping the wines cool and healthy. Long, warm summer days allow the berries to ripen optimally, while the evening mist that rolls in at dusk enhances the acid content of the fruit, an essential necessity for wine longevity.

Since 2010 former Graham Beck winemaker Irene Waller has been overseeing the winemaking. This, together with careful vineyard practices, ensures that the La Bri wine portfolio can compete with the best wines South Africa has to offer.

Learn more at www.labri.co.za