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Giovanni Manzone

The Giovanni Manzone estate is located in Monforte d’Alba, Piedmont, in the southeastern portion of the Langhe hills. Manzone owns 8.5 hectares (about 20 acres) of vineyards and uses estate-grown grapes only. The entire production is focused on quality and limited to about 45,000 bottles per year.

The history of this family-estate began in 1925 when Giovanni Manzone purchased “Ciabot del Preve” (the residence of the Parish of the nearby town of Castelletto). In 1965, Giovanni and Stefano Manzone bottled the first wines and little by little they purchased important vineyards on the historic hill of “Gramolere”, in Monforte d’Alba.
Later, the Barolo cru of “Castelletto” and “Bricat”, a parcel at the top of the Gramolere vineyard, entered production which also includes Barolo Riserva, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbera d’Alba and Dolcetto d’Alba.
Manzone’s high-elevation vineyards (1,500 feet) and their extreme steepness foster naturally low-yielding vines which produce wines that are approachable while young, yet remain amongst the most concentrated and longest-lived of all Barolos.
At the estate the principles of natural, non-invasive agriculture are followed: integrated pest and disease control is carried out by using minimal amounts of sulfur and copper-based products. No insecticides or fertilizers have ever been used. Natural grass is left between the rows of vines (this practice was experimented by the estate at the end of the 1970s). The grass is mowed and left on the ground to form humus. In the cellar, traditional-style winemaking includes long macerations (30-45 days) and ageing in large barrels and tonneux (500 and 700 lt). Minimal amounts of SO2 are added the wines and all the wines are unclarified and unfiltered.

The Wine Advocate describes Giovanni Manzone as a winery that “…continues to produce some of the most unique Barolos in the zone. Although his hometown of Monforte is best known for structured wines, Manzone’s vineyards are among the highest in the region, and as a result his wines show unusually delicate, often ethereal personalities”, whereas the Wine Spectator says that Manzone is “a small producer who does magic with Nebbiolo.”

In 2005, Mauro joined his father Giovanni in the management of the winery, and his sister Mirella followed in 2012. They both graduated from the famed Oenology School of Alba.

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