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Campo Della Maesta

The region of Umbria sits landlocked in the center of Italy: with Tuscany to the Northwest, the Marches to the East and Latium with Rome to the South West.

The Campo delle Maesta’ winery was founded in 2002 on a hilltop near Gualdo Cattaneo, the area historically devoted to the cultivation of the sagrantino grape (which is grown nowehere else in the world). The winery is surrounded by 15 medieval castles which form a ‘crown’ around the property of roughly 22 hectares (180,000 bottles peorduced annually). Here it is the ‘campo’ (the field) that bears the crown and the vineyards are managed painstakingly by hand and with no added chemical. Technology is used in the winery as a lending hand to the environment and to tradition. Cold maceration and micro-oxygenation are used to tame Sagrantino’s traditionally harsh tannins. The whole vinification process is done with low environmental impact and high energy saving, all with the objective of offering wines that are true to the local tradition and approachable to the international market that is just recently descovering the greatness of Sagrantino.

Learn more at www.campodellamaesta.it