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Prosecco DOC Extra Dry NV ‘Sior Sandro’

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Tasting Notes

Made with 100% Prosecco grapes (also called Glera) this sparkling wine gets its life from optimum freshness and drinkability. This Prosecco is the perfect companion for a lively and cheerful toast. In appearance it gives off a straw-yellow color with a subtle yet driving froth. To the nose it offers fresh floral aromas and a pleasingly fruity tinge in which one can recognize shades of apple and pear. In the mouth, its freshness and aromaticity are sustained by the wholesome mineral blend, culminating in delicate fruity sensations and a pleasing finish that brings to mind the crust of bread.

Genagricola’s ‘V8+’ or Ottopiu’ Vineyards  project was born in 2010 as an extension of Tenuta Sant’Anna to offer a line of sparkling wines, all made in the traditional charmat method. The elegant bottle is unusual and attractive. Grapes are rigorously sourced from the Tenuta Sant’Anna property (one of the largest land-owners in the area) and each wine carries the name of a ‘Sior’ (Sir in the old Venetian dialect), the personification of each product with different characters within the Genagricola organization and their attitudes.






100% Glera

Location of Vineyards



30–45 meters above sea level

Type of Planting



Clayey, with a good amount of stones


The grapes are removed from their stalks and undergo a soft pressing. The must is set to ferment in steel tubs kept at a controlled temperature: the resulting wine is then re-fermented in autoclaves for about 40 days, with the help of selected yeasts that elevate the freshness of the grape and make it effervescent.

Alcohol Content



Riccardo Cottarella (consultant)