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Bianco Frizzante (Glera) 20lt PolyKeg

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Tasting Notes

‘Bianco Frizzante’ is the result of a careful vinification of white grapes varietals (predominatly Glera). Once the base wine is obtained following the “on white” winemaking process rules, the following step is the sparkling process in autoclaves. A short period of laying on yeast will follow. The sparkling wine will then be kegged.

Straw yellow in color, it has a slightly aromatic, fruity bouquet enhanced by a light, pleasant sparkle.

Disposable Kegs.

No returns / No deposit required.

20-lt Kegs hold the equivalent to 26 bottles or 135 5oz glasses

100% Recyclable


Polykeg require a stainless steel S-type coupler or Sankey type S304.

Contains Sulfites

Alcohol by Vol: 11%

Total acidity %: 5.40

% sugar content: 1.40

S0’’ mg/l: 100

Pressure atm.: 2.50

Content: 20 Liter

Pallet Configuration: 42 PolyKegs per 100 x 120 pallet (14 kegs on 3 layers)


Monvin Keg Wines




Predominantly Glera

Alcohol Content